“Just a short note to thank BioSweep Manitoba for their excellent support during our little crisis. We had a Micro Wave issue, in other words something caught fire and burned in the microwave causing a large amount of smoke and ruining the microwave.

Try as we might, with air scrubber machines etc the smell just would not go away. It ended up smelling throughout our upstairs (not to bad) the basement and the attached garage (real bad), it smelled like stale cigarettes and worse. BioSweep showed up under the direction of Dale Dublin and within one night (overnight) the smell was completely gone. In fact the house now smelled like freshly hung outside bed sheets. It was a tiny miracle, my wife and I are completely satisfied and sold on this method of getting rid of odours. A hearty thank you for a job well done goes to BioSweep.”

Bruce Day, Winnipeg, Manitoba

– – –

“It has been over a month and the house is still odour free. People who visit the house now have never once noticed that there may have been a problem before. Your system works and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Mike Splett

– – –

“The work was great . Smell is now gone , Wished I would have heard about you before we started but it still saved us a lot of money in tear out and the rebuild. Thanks again and then next one I get with strong oders you will be my first call. Thanks again and keep up the great work.”

Don Stevens

– – –

“I called quite a few companies regarding cigarette smoke removal for a new home before finally being referred to BioSweep. This company is a huge game changer – we highly recommend Glen’s services to anyone dealing with strong odours. Glen was extremely professional and very patient when answering all of my many questions. He was very prompt and consistent with communicating throughout the entire process. He was also transparent and honest in his explanations. I was extremely nervous that we wouldn’t be able to remove the cigarette odour because I had initially been advised by many other companies to mask the smell or trap it using stain blockers. This was not needed. Our home had an extremely strong cigarette odour – 10/10 and we also had to battle animal smells. We did the prep work of washing the walls and removing the carpet before Glen came in. The smell was still pretty strong when Glen came in. To say my husband and I were amazed at the difference 24 hours with Biosweep could make is an understatement. Glen was very detail oriented and his services put our minds at ease. We cannot stress how much a positive difference Glen’s services made in our lives. We feel much safer and happier being in our new home. It’s been a few days since the treatment and we’ve been very satisfied with his services. We would highly recommend Glen and Biosweep.”

Marika Loy