About Us

The Science of Biosweep

Permanent Odor Removal at the Molecular Level

  • Lessens tear-out & build-back
  • Reduces surface cleaning for deodorization
  • Eliminates the need for encapsulation & sealants
  • Restores most contents onsite
  • Extremely fast treatment times 
  • Significantly reduces ALE & BI
  • Removes odor permanently – GUARANTEED!

BioSweep Disrupts The Conventional Fire Restoration Protocol

Most restoration contractors follow the same treatment protocols when it comes to fire smoke losses. By introducing BioSweep into the restoration process, standard treatment protocols are deconstructed and reconstructed in such a manner that can save substantial days and dollars restoring properties. As each fire loss can be unique, knowing how and where to use our services is crucial to maximize those savings.

To permanently remove odors, BioSweep systems use advanced photocatalytic oxidation to produce ultra-high levels of vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide, purified ozone and hydrogen radicals. These three active exports are unsurpassed for their penetrating oxidative power to remove virtually any embedded or persistent odor in a confined space and restore healthy indoor air quality. This five-step photocatalytic oxidation system effectively eliminates odor causing particles at the molecular level and releases harmless water and carbon dioxide.