Surface Defense FAQ’s

  • How does BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE actually work?

    BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE is an antimicrobial solution that binds at the molecular level with any treated substrate rendering the entire surface antimicrobial. It creates a physical barrier of carbon chains that are pointed up like swords, penetrating any microbe which lands on the treated surface. Thus, it will prohibit any bacteria, viruses or mold from growing on the treated surface.

  • Do surfaces need to be cleaned prior to BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE treatment?

    For BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE to work effectively, all surfaces should be relatively clean through normal, routine cleaning practices. There should be no visible dust or debris on the surface prior to treatment. If so, we recommend using a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down surfaces that may appear dirty with dust or lint. In addition, BIOSWEEP BASE TREATMENT should be considered prior to a BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE treatment in order to eradicate any airborne germs or bacteria that may land on any surface areas.

  • How long does the BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE application take?

    BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE is rapidly applied using a specialized industrial sprayer – so the process is quite fast. Once applied, the antimicrobial coating air dries within an hour and the treated areas can be then reoccupied.

  • Can a surface treated with BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE be cleaned afterward?

    Yes, however it may not be necessary to use as much cleaning product or allow replacement with less costly or more environmentally responsible alternatives.

  • Will BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE wash off or deteriorate?

    No, BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE will not wash off the treated surface. It can withstand temperatures up to 257º F and resist all organic solvents, strong acids and bases. It will begin to lose its maximum potency within 6 months, however, and should be re-applied during months 4-6 to assure ongoing protection.

  • What if I can't afford to treat the entire building with BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE at this time?

    No problem. While BIOSWEEP Service Providers are experts at disinfecting large areas that employees and customers typically come in contact with, they will apply it to the highest priority areas of your choosing, such as restrooms, waiting rooms, exam rooms, cafeterias, etc. Your local BIOSWEEP Service Provider can provide recommendations on areas commonly treated.

  • Is BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE effective against MRSA?

    The BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE antimicrobial solution has been clinically shown to eradicate MRSA and make the applied surface resistant to it 24/7 for up to 6 months.


    Yes, BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE is EPA registered and meets all Dept. of Defense (DoD) and US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) standards. It is even approved for use in food preparation areas.

  • How do BIOSWEEP Service Providers monitor the level of cleanliness post treatment for microscopic biological?

    BIOSWEEP Service Providers use testing equipment known as ATP technology to real-time test for living biological matter on site in predetermined or random locations to ensure that your treated spaces are clean according to acceptable industry standards and levels.