General Biosweep FAQ’s

  • What are the primary uses for BIOSWEEP®?

    BIOSWEEP® treatment is primarily used for odor removal, airborne and surface contaminant destruction. Virtually any odor or contaminant can be completely eradicated from any indoor space in one BIOSWEEP® treatment.

  • How does BIOSWEEP® work?

    Our equipment’s unique, five-stage process combines the latest in airborne and surface contamination destruction technology. High-intensity technology eradicates airborne and surface organic molecules and microorganisms from indoor spaces including pathogens, viruses and bacteria.

  • Should I try to clean the affected area with chemicals before I call BIOSWEEP®?

    No. If possible call us before you attempt to clean up any affected area with chemicals. BIOSWEEP® technicians are experts at odour remediation. We can help you to save money and achieve the best results if you include us in the process from the beginning.

  • Can BIOSWEEP® be operated with people or pets in the treatment area?

    No. Be prepared to make arrangements for any people, plants or pets to vacate the premises for the amount of time it will take to complete your treatment.

  • Can the BIOSWEEP® treat odours inside automobiles?

    Yes. BIOSWEEP® is highly effective and can be easily deployed inside any type of a vehicle.

  • How large an area will BIOSWEEP® treat?

    A treatment area can be as small as a car or as large as an auditorium.

  • May I spot treat only the affected areas of my home with BIOSWEEP®?

    No. In order to offer a 100% guarantee, the entire home or indoor space must be treated. When an odour causing agent is introduced to an indoor space, it is often drawn up by the heating and air conditioning unit and dispersed throughout. The only way to insure that the odour causing contaminant is completely eradicated is to treat the entire space.

  • How long does BIOSWEEP® treatment take?

    BIOSWEEP® can treat most indoor environments within 3-12 hrs. Most vehicles can be treated in one hour. A BIOSWEEP® treatment can reduce deodorization time as much as ninety percent (90%) as compared to simple ozone generators.
    The actual amount of time it will take to treat a specific area depends upon several factors including indoor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, odour or contaminant source and severity, floor plan and cubic space.

  • Does the BIOSWEEP® treatment process leave an odour?

    Initially, yes. The treatment process initially produces a residual smell similar to that of an indoor swimming pool which gradually subsides. Within 72 hours the treated space becomes odour neutral.

  • Does BIOSWEEP® use any toxic chemicals?

    No. BIOSWEEP® does not use, nor does the equipment contain any toxic chemicals. The process does, however, generate as a by-product a dry vapour containing hydrogen peroxide and purified trivalent oxygen. BIOSWEEP® treatments are safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and compatible with “green” cleaning and building techniques.

  • If BIOSWEEP® is safe and non-toxic, why can't I breathe the BIOSWEEP® vapour during treatment?

    The properties which make ozone and hydrogen peroxide powerful cleaners and disinfectants also make them dangerous to living tissues. The same chemical properties that allow high concentrations of these oxyradicals to react with organic material outside the body give them the ability to react with similar organic material that make up the body, and can temporarily cause potentially harmful health consequences. When these oxyradicals come in contact with living tissues, like our lungs, they attack and damage cells lining the airways, causing swelling and inflammation resulting in difficulty breathing.

    Your technician is trained in proper use and safety procedures before, during and after treatment. Rest assured that your health and safety are our top priority. The treatment area will be clearly marked and all doors locked to prevent anyone from entering the premises during a treatment. Once your technician has tested to insure safe entry and removed the BIOSWEEP® equipment, he will clear the area for people, pets and plants to safely re-enter the space.

  • Will BIOSWEEP® fade upholstery or otherwise harm fabrics?

    No. BIOSWEEP® treatment is compatible with most materials. It will not bleach or harm carpet, upholstery or fabrics when properly operated. Your technician has been properly trained and will notify you if he believes there may be an issue.

  • Does BIOSWEEP® guarantee service?

    Yes. BIOSWEEP® will remove all odours caused by organic materials. We do not guarantee lasting effects if the customer continues to participate in the activities that caused the odour in the first place. In the unlikely event that the odour in question lingers or reoccurs within 72 hours, our 100% guarantee assures our customers that we will retreat as necessary within 14 days of initial treatment.

  • Will BIOSWEEP® remove curry oil and other persistent cooking odours from a home or restaurant?

    Yes. BIOSWEEP® treatment is currently the only process that safely and effectively removes cooking odours from a home or restaurant while sanitizing exposed surfaces. While curry oil is difficult to remove, with pre-treatment and experienced technicians we have excellent results at curry odour removal.

  • We had an animal die in our home. Will BIOSWEEP® remove the smell?

    Any organic smell can be treated with BIOSWEEP®. The original cause of the odour must be removed before treatment.

  • Can BIOSWEEP® get rid of pet odours or urine?

    Yes. A BIOSWEEP® treatment will eradicate animal odours including cat and dog urine and skunk odour. Pre-treatment of the affected areas is required and may incur additional cost.

  • Can BIOSWEEP® get rid of cigarette smoke that has permeated furniture, walls, ceilings, carpet and clothing?

    Yes. A BIOSWEEP® treatment is very effective at removing the smell of cigarette smoke in any indoor space. It is highly recommended that a person who has quit smoking has their living space and car treated to discourage them from starting back up again. If a person begins to smoke in the treated areas again, an additional treatment will be required and is not covered in our 100% guarantee.

  • Is BIOSWEEP® treatment helpful to people with Asthma and allergies?

    Yes. BIOSWEEP® eradicates many allergens such as pollen, mold, bacteria and other known allergens at their source.

  • Can BIOSWEEP® remove odours from duct work?
    Yes. While BIOSWEEP® eradicates pollen, mold, bacteria and viruses which will stop odours from being dispersed throughout your home through the heating and air conditioning unit. It may still be recommended that you have your air ducts cleaned by a licensed professional in conjunction with your BIOSWEEP® treatment.

  • Can BIOSWEEP® be used to sanitize a home, school or office after a biological incident or contagious illness outbreak?

    Yes. BIOSWEEP® is proven effective at eradication of bacteria and viruses. BIOSWEEP® technology is proven to be effective against a wide range of environmentally associated pathogens including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

  • My clothing and furniture smell like smoke after a fire in my home. Can a BIOSWEEP® treatment remove the smells from my clothing and furniture?

    Yes. BIOSWEEP® treatment is perfect for content restoration. If your clothing or cloth furniture has lingering odours we can usually remove them in one treatment.

  • Does BIOSWEEP® use or work with other specialists to achieve desired results?

    Yes. We work with remediation specialists including insurance adjusters, hazardous material clean-up teams, carpet cleaners, plumbers, contractors, and professional cleaning crews to help you get things back to normal after an accident, fire, crime or natural disaster. Our services are frequently covered by insurance.

  • Does BIOSWEEP® remove fuel spill odours?

    Yes. BIOSWEEP® is effective at removing toxic fumes associated with indoor fuel spills. The organic compounds in fuel oils are broken down to non-volatile compounds during a BIOSWEEP® treatment. Any porous materials, (including concrete) may have to be pre-treated to facilitate breakdown of the compounds which may incur an additional cost.

  • Can I rent/lease the equipment for home or individual use?

    No. The unit is operated by and sold only to approved and trained Licensees.

  • Is the BioSweep process just an ozone generator?

    By definition, BIOSWEEP is actually not an ozone machine. BIOSWEEP generates ozone as a necessary by-product of advance photocatalytic oxidation (which is not possible without also generating ozone). Another important distinction is that most ozone machines (if using coronal discharge) produce oxides of nitrogen which are highly corrosive and one of the primary reasons many ozone machines have material compatibility issues.

    Lastly, ozone machines are not re circulatory systems and cannot produce sufficient levels of ozone necessary to breakdown many contaminants – which is one of primary reasons they generally run for much longer periods of time.