Institutional Services

  • Schools: Statistically reduce the likelihood of surface to skin infections in your facilities especially athletic areas such as wrestling mats, training tables and weight benches (areas most often identified as high risk surfaces for harboring staph infections such as Impetigo and MRSA).
  • Student Housing: Reduce the amount of time your facilities and maintenance personnel devote to cleaning dorm rooms, residence hall common areas, student apartments during semester transitions and traumatic events.
  • Child Day Care facilities: Eliminate lingering odors and bacteria and provide a protective, long-lasting antimicrobial barrier on high touch surfaces such as table tops, chairs, flooring, mats and toys that are a source of transmission for viruses and bacteria. BIOSWEEP® services provide a proactive layer of defense when integrated with your daily custodial practices and statistically reducing the likelihood of viral and bacterial outbreaks through contact with contaminated surfaces.
  • Facilities Management: Provide a cleaner, safer environment for your personnel and visitors especially in high contact areas such as employee workout/locker rooms, meeting rooms, restrooms and common high traffic areas.
  • Fleet Management: BIOSWEEP services are especially effective for periodic cleaning, disinfection and long-lasting antimicrobial protection of fleet vehicles including emergency response vehicles, ambulances and police cars.


BIOSWEEP offers you a safe, cost- effective permanent solution to a wide range of odor and surface contamination challenges. We completely eradicate the odor as quickly as possible and protect treated surfaces from future contamination for up to one year. Create a much safer indoor environment.

BIOSWEEP provides a layer of unparalleled disinfection and ongoing protection. Add BIOSWEEP to your cleaning practices today without adding significant cost. Let us show you how BIOSWEEP may even help reduce your current cleaning costs.

  • Insurance Restoration

    For cleaning, restoration and mold remediation contractors
    Biosweep can provide the following project services:

    Building decontamination & restoration (during tearout as part of containment, between shifts or as a mold / mildew odour removal device following a project or duct cleaning; as a whole building odour removal service following fires; smoke odour removal of furniture and other onsite contents; MRSA 7-log reductions at 20ft radius in 4 hours with zero residual; trauma / crime scene odour removal and pathogen mitigation; scalable technology for the smallest to largest of losses).

    Contents decontamination & deodorization (contents room processing in 2-6 hours, where other technology can take 72+ hours, will not blanch or harm fabrics of any type when properly used, safe, ultra fast on furniture and all electronics.

  • Rental Properties / Hotels

    Are lingering odours in your properties affecting your bottom line? Do you have unleasable inventory due to any of the following embedded odours?

    • Tobacco smoke
    • Musty mold & mildew odours
    • Sewage / Septic
    • Perfume
    • Pet odours (of all kinds)
    • Cooking odours (curry, grease, etc)
    • Spoiled food

    ….any nuisance odour? Our mobile service and technology offers

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Solution!

  • Realtors

    The Cleaner It Smells, The Faster It Sells

    Does your real estate listing have an odour issue? Embedded odours can be silent deal killers. Biosweep services will help you sell these properties faster and ensure satisfied home buyers. Our technology’s rapid, same day process permanently and safely eradicates all odours and restores a fresh, clean smell throughout the home.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Solution!

    • Permanent removal of all odours (smoke, pet, perfume, etc)
    • Destruction of airborne & surface viruses / bacteria
    • Dramatically reduce allergens
    • Air duct and whole building bio-sanitation
    • Removal of all cooking odours
    • Trauma Scene sterilization
    • Not an ozone machine, chemical fogger or masking agent
  • Vehicle Dealers / Owners

    Mobile Odour Removal Service

    Driving Pre-Owned Inventory Profits

    Have your auto, bus, rv or semi treated using the latest technology for the removal of unwanted odours and bacteria.

    Our rapid process permanently destroys:
    Years of accumulated, embedded odours, embedded smoke, bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold & mildew odours.

    Our proven technology delivers permanent results, guaranteed! Biosweep does not use harsh chemicals and therefore won’t harm fabrics or materials.

  • Universities

    Parents and student desire a clean green living environment in campus! Biosweep provides a highly effective solution for surface disinfection, killing most viruses and bacteria including H1N1, MRSA and C.diff. Our system eradicates airborne and surface contaminants and restores healthy indoor air quality in classrooms, common areas, offices and campus housing.

    Guaranteed Solutions:

    • Permanent removal of all odours
    • Destruction of airborne and surface viruses & bacteria
    • Dramatically reduces allergens
    • Mattress sanitation
    • Chemical free & environmentally safe
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Locker Rooms

    Has your locker room been disinfected with the latest technology to eradicate and destroy airborne & surface contaminants? Don’t wait for a highly contagious virus outbreak to strike! Our decontamination technology uses an advanced form of photocatalytic oxidation to destroy harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi.

    Guaranteed Solutions

    • Permanent removal of all odours
    • Destruction of airborne and surface viruses & bacteria
    • Dramatically reduces allergens
    • Mattress sanitation
    • Chemical free & environmentally safe
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.